Meghe Group of Institutions

Meghe Group of Institutions (MGI) has a long history of excellence in all genre of education. This Constitution of institute was formed with single minded purpose of developing a network of educational institutes for providing quality education in various disciplines of study in Vidarbha, a relatively lss developed region in our country. Institutes under the MGI have exceeded the scope of their vision and become the yardstick for other institutions to match up to. This strength has been developed from outstanding students, dedicated faculty, supporting and genuine commitment to students and strong desire to contribute to the nation.

The fundamentals of academic brilliance, cultural activities, sporting excellence and spiritual evolution in students are simultaneously progressing under the guidance of entrusted facilitators and excellent infrastructure.

MGI has drawn on the essence of tradition and sophistication of modernization to yield professionals that will make India proud.


"Our flowers bloom the brightest because our roots go the deepest"


To build benchmark technical institutions where learning is a joy, education is for the tomorrow, Research & Development is pace setting and every one is committed to deliver competent human resource for prosperity and well-being of industry, profession and society.


To prepare competent, need based human resource and responsible citizens for engineering profession through dissemination of knowledge, development of technical skills and create an environment and commitment of all stakeholders for continuous improvement in performance and quality.